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The Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Red Flags of Online Dating

Most of us are aware of the horror stories of online dating and the peculiar, goofy, and sometimes creepy men that are out there. There are obvious red flags we should heed but more importantly, there are also subtle red flags to take note of before considering moving forward with someone. You are probably well aware by now of the more obvious red flags from the many articles written on the subject, your own experience, or from the stories of your single friends as it has become more and more commonplace to lament to your girlfriends in weekly bitch sessions on the lack of “normal” single men out there on the dating apps. Myself included. But fear not, there are good men out there and you shouldn’t waste your time on the ones who are not. By being aware of red flags that ultimately will lead to heartache and time wasted, you can weed out the less desirables and leave room for the man you deserve.

By red flags, I’m not referring to those profile annoyances that should have weeded a lot of the less desirable men out in the first place. These annoyances include but are certainly not limited to men who post:

Then there are the glaringly obvious red flags that if these men were not weeded out with those profile annoyances, you surely will kick them to the curb now:

Now we get to those less subtle red flags that are initially easy to explain away or dismiss, but instead should be heeded and explored further. These red flags are not typically revealed in a profile and generally speaking, are only touched upon in a first meet-up but certainly warrant a deeper dive:

Of course, there is no magic formula to finding the right man online but if there was it would not be: bathroom selfie + emotionally unavailable + narcissist = successful relationship. You do, however, have red flags both subtle and not-so-subtle to raise your antenna and explore further. Some are no brainers and should immediately prompt you to end your pursuit right then and there and others should be met with caution and further conversation.

If you are serious about finding that forever partner then these red flags should be viewed as clues to who a man is, what he is all about, and a glimpse into what a long term relationship with him may look like.

As Maya Angelou so wisely said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

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