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WE Are the Problem but WE Are Also the Solution

The crisis enveloping our country is a reflection of our darkest instincts oozing out into the open. We’ve collectively lifted the rock to reveal the foulness that lurks within each of us and it has slowly become who we are as a nation.

The current social and political climate in the United States is a reflection of the darkest parts of ourselves magnified and embedded into our collective national consciousness. Social unrest is certainly not new to this country and neither is violence, but I’m not talking about that. Our current national tone isn’t so much about a movement as it is about a tacit, and sadly at times, not so tacit, nod to hate, greed, lies, corruption, and debasement of those different from ourselves for our gain. We are no longer the “United” States and change can only come from each of us.

We can all admit, no matter what our political affiliation, that the current social and political climate in our country is both divisive and angry. We have turned on one other. We have turned on our collective national family. However, instead of pointing fingers and casting blame, what if we took a deeper look at ourselves and reflect on what all this says about who we have become as individuals because, after all, the whole is only as strong as its parts?

There is implicit permission that has permeated this country and allowed the darker side of ourselves to rise out from the shadows. Whether we admit it or not, we all have a dark side. Envy, jealousy, greed, rage, hate, violence, and racism are within each of us as much as love, empathy, compassion, inclusion, and openness. It’s our choice to choose the latter and it takes a desire to be the best version of ourselves to maintain. Somewhere along the way we’ve given legitimacy to the darkest side of ourselves. We the people have unleashed a monster of our creation to run amok within our country.

Is this our new normal?

  1. Are we Moral if we continue to accept infidelity, lying, and corruption?
  2. Are we Just if we menace those who disagree or who have a different opinion?
  3. Do we Love Thy Neighbor if we turn our backs on bullying, racism, and the degradation of someone’s character?
  4. Can we be of Strong Character if we hide behind the computer and tweet insults at each other?
  5. Are we a Kind people if we are kind to only those like ourselves?
  6. Are we God-Fearing if we choose greed and money over doing what is right?
  7. Can we be Compassionate if we hold the least of us down?
  8. Can we embrace the Rule of Law if we punish others who break the law, but find loopholes to break it ourselves?
  9. Are we Forgiving if we hold grudges, seethe in anger, and seek revenge on those that have wronged us?
  10. Can we be an Understanding people if we react in the quick judgement of others?

Who we choose to be as individuals collectively determine what our nation ultimately becomes. We are witnessing choices within our country that have shifted our moral compass and begun a cannibalization of ourselves. It’s time to take a hard look at who we have become.

Who do you want to be in this world?

What side of yourself do you want our nation to represent?



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